We often get asked the question what is a financial adviser?  What do you actually do?

Our role is to provide our clients with holistic financial advice that is targeted to their specific goals.  We understand that no two people are the same, and so we take the time to get to know our clients, understand their goals and establish a plan that will help them achieve their goals in a realistic and achievable timeframe.   

At Devon Partners our services have a strong strategic focus which places our client’s best interests at the centre of everything we do. Put simply, we are focused on you – your wealth, your cashflow, your lifestyle and your goals.

The list below includes some practical examples of how we help our clients:

  • We help you understand where you sit right now – financially

  • We assist in goal setting and look at the tools available to help you achieve those objectives

  • We provide investment advice and can assist with preparing an investment strategy 

  • We help you understand your risk exposure and discuss contingencies (For example, making sure you have the appropriate insurance in place, and a contingency cash reserve) 

  • We look for opportunities to help you minimise tax (now and in the future)

  • We provide advice on maximising government entitlements

  • We provide financial modelling / forecasting of your income and assets in the future

  • We review existing financial product fees to ensure you are not paying too much

  • We provide ongoing progress reporting to ensure that you know where you stand at all times

  • We conduct regular reviews and adjustments to your strategy where necessary (if there are legislative or economic reasons, or your goals and personal circumstances have changed)   

  • We provide ongoing education to help you lift your level of financial literacy and make better decisions on your own

  • We refer you to other trusted professionals when and where necessary (for example, accountants, lawyer, stockbroker, mortgage broker etc) 

  • We make your life easier by reducing your administration burden

  • We assist you to make better financial decisions and avoid costly mistakes  

This is a comprehensive list, but still does not include everything we do. We charge a fee for service, much like accountants and lawyers as all these things combined will add value to you over time.

The sooner you establish a relationship with a trusted advisor the sooner you will prosper. 


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